Web Design And Development

Web Design And Development

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Those who keep an eye on the technology world must know,How much is the value of a person who knows how to develop a website? In this age of technology, it has become necessary for every organization to have a website. And so, the demand for skilled web designers & developers is constantly increasing.Web design is the act of creating a template of what a website will look like, and development is the act of bringing that design or template to life. In this course you will get a complete guide to start a career as a web designer and developer. In addition to the skills required to become a web designer and developer, this course will teach hands-on tips and tricks, exclusive cheat sheets. So enroll in a web design and development course to start your journey towards becoming a successful web designer and developer.


  • Elements – Concept of Tags, Code Writing Concepts
  • Attributes – Common Attributes of HTML Tags and their Use
  • Head – Head Elements, and the Contents of Head
  • Formatting – Font Formatting, Different Tags to Format Fonts
  • Images – Image Tags and its Attributes
  • iFrames – Syntax of iFrame and its Usages
  • Tables – Detailed Table Attributes and Uses of Table
    Create layout using table
  • Implementation of Forms and Validation of Forms
    Create a project with form
  • Lists – Creating List and List contents with CSS
  • Links – Styling hyperlinksBorde
  • Create a web template with menu bar (Project 1)
  • Create a web template with menu bar (Project 2)
  • Menu bar & dropdown menu bar(Project 3)
  • How to Write JavaScript Code
  • Where to Insert JavaScript
  • Understanding JavaScript Statements
  • Objects – Property, Method
  • Security – Public, Private, Protected, Global
  • Function – Arguments, Returns
  • Strings – Handling Strings
  • Math – Handling Math in JavaScript
  • Array – Working with Array
  • Boolean – Working with Boolean Type variables
  • Comparison – Variable Comparison in JavaScript
  • Condition – If Else Statements, other Condition Handlin
  • Loop – For, Do/While, While loops
  • Syntax, Selector, Event – Code Syntax, HTML element Selector & Events
  • Hide, Show, Fade – Different effects like Hiding, Showing, Fading
  • Animation – Animate with jQuery
  • Add & Remove – Add and Remove HTML Elements using jQuery
  • Get and Set – Get and Set Class or Classes using jQuery
  • What was the traditional way of storing Data
  • What is the modern technology of storing Data
  • How Database Server and Services help us to store and use Data
  • Learning the basic features of phpMyAdmin
  • How to Create, Edit, Update, Drop Database from phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL Intro – How, when and where to use MySQL
  • MySQL Connect – How to get connected to MySQ
  • CREATE Database – How to Create Database
  • How to insert data in a Data-Table
  • How to bring Data from Database in Order
  • Syntax, Print / Echo – Basic concepts on PHP
  • Operators – Operators in PHP Programming
  • While Loops – Implementation of While loop
  • For Loops – Practical implementation of for loop
  • Error, Exception – Error and Exception Handling using PHP
  • Class and Object – Understanding Class and Object
  • Form Handling – on-Page and off-Page form handling Technique
  • Form Validation – Detailed guideline to use Form in PHP
  • Form Validation – Advance in PHP
  • CRUD App in PHP (project-1)
  • CRUD App PHP with Image Handle  (project-2)
  • Fully Understand WordPress Basic
  • Customize any WordPress Theme
  • 2 live project complete
  • Freelancing Class: Fiverr
  • Freelancing Class: UpWork
  • Freelancing Class: Freelancer.com